6000 m3 of concrete, 500 tons of steel: the fort was the guardian of the Rohrbach plateau. The fort consists of 3 unearthly blocks and an underground system hidden under 25 meters of limestone, a veritable small town.


The 175 soldiers who were housed there had the convenience of modern kitchens, an electrical power plant, an efficient ventilation system and barracks.

German soldiers at Bolck 2
German soldiers at Bolck 2

Thanks to its supplies, the fort was able to withstand two months, but history decided otherwise.

The debacle in the north began in May 1940 and the Germans penetrated Saarland on June 15. From June 20, the German army encircled the position and launched two attacks on Block 2. However, the enemy was pushed back with the help of the Simserhof guns. Undefeated, the fort stops fighting on government orders after the armistice is signed.